Press Start: The use of videogame assets in audience creative practices

ideogames are the dominant sector in the creative and entertainment industries with nearly 3 billion users worldwide and a projected market growth to exceed $200 billion by 2025.

Videogames are also a powerful storytelling and artistic medium that continue to inspire people around the world. For many, videogames are not just something they consume, but vehicles for telling their own stories and the canvases on which to express their art.

This book focuses on three categories of artistic practice that involve the employment, manipulation and/or alteration of videogame assets to convey stories and emotions: ‘machinima’, ‘in-game photography’ and ‘gamics’. Press Start: The use of videogame assets in audience creative practices features the artworks of 18 artists from different parts of the world who are active practitioners in the creation of films, pictures and comics within videogame worlds and through their assets. Through their own experiences, the book explores the current approaches, techniques and tools on the performance of these practices and reflects on what videogames can do for us and what we can learn from them.

Publication details

Publisher: Participatory Worlds. Distributor: Amazon. Publication date: 23 Dec 2021. Language: English. Pages: 118. ISBN: 978-1399902038